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The Features of PFM (Conventional) are:


Facilities Available are:

  • It is compatible with all standard metals
  • It is available in all vita share

It’s Limitations-Metal hue and mental marginal line, although all care is taken.


Oxidized and already sandblasted framework, prepared for opaquer application

Crown after second opaquer firing.

Layered dentin opaque procelain with dentin layering started.

Layered dentin porcelain

Layered incisal compound

Corown after first dentin firing

Application of transparent porcelains, which brighten the incisal region

Fullyprepared crown after glaze firing with LFC stains and Deceragold glaze porcelain.

Expanded layering technique

With the expanded individual layering technique, tailored tooth colors as well as patient-specific characteristics can be restored. It represents the fine art of porcelain esthetics and cannot be considered too narrowly. Below we would like to introduce the use and effect of different porcelains for the expanded layering technique.



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