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Important:Dentist must know that durability of crown and its clinical success need adequate reduction to obtain adequate thickness of restoration, proper vertical dimensions and correct degree of taper

For Metal Ceramic, Functional cusp clearance should be 1.5-2mm. Non Functional cusp clearance should be 1-1.5mm.

All ceramic clearance should be 2mm minimum throughout.

Bevel in occlusion should be such that functional cusp bevel of mandibular buccal cusp maxillary partial cusp should be parallel to the inner inclines of opposing loads.
Axial reduction should be adequate to avoid over contoured crowns.  

To avoid lipping, tooth should not be reduced more than half of the width of the diamond.

Incisal thickness should be at least 1mm.

It is mendatory that Doctor must make always edge or chamfer, preparation 360° preferably with Torpedo diamond and carbide bur. There should be no under cut or sharp cut. Taper should be minimums 4° to 10°.

If abutment tooth are less than 4mm in height or diameter than retention grooves are must.


Best impressions are obtained using retraction chord & using rubber base either with putty wash or double mix technique, Pouring with good quality die stones.

Shade selection should always with Vital shade guide communication all details to lab. Pre cutting impress helps a lot.


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