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Macro Dent Perfect Flexi Injection System (3 in 1), Perfect Flexi Cartridge Furnace, Macro Flexi Dental Resin, Manik Star 3 in 1 Sand Blaster, Hydraulic Press for pressing flasks, Macrolite Dasoro, Zirconia Milling System, Macrodent Parallelometer Surveyor, Macro Dent Compact Perfect Flexi Injection System (Manual), Macro Anti-Snore Device Resin, Agni, Macro Dent Compact Perfect Flexi Injection System (Automatic) Flexi Tower, Macro Cerafuse N, Macro Super Shine, Macro Ultra Shine Polish Bar, Macro Press


Dental Lab.


PFM , Metal Free All Ceramics, Press on Metal Ceramics, Flexi Dentures , Implants,
Injection Molded (Pressable Conventional ) Denture, Inlay, Onlay. Veneer, Cobalt Chrome Partial Dentures and other appliances.

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